Lighting with flash

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Learning to effectively use your flash can be critical in creating well exposed and dynamic images as well as opening up a whole world of creative possibilities. This 2 hour workshop covers the basics of flash use on and off camera with a range of modifiers to create lighting effects for dramatic images.

Each workshop is tailored your needs, a typical 2 hour session might include:

  • Using fill flash on and off camera
  • Camera settings explained – Shutter speed, aperture and ISO for flash
  • TTL and Manual modes
  • Simple lighting setups for flattering portraits
  • Bouncing your flash for natural looking lighting
  • Front, rear and slow sync modes explained
  • Freezing action with flash
  • Motion blur techniques
  • Off camera flash for portraiture

For this workshop you will need your own external flash with a way of triggering it off camera*, studio flashes are available for use throughout the session** but dedicated equipment can be provided at an additional cost if required within a group.

Sessions can take place on a photo walk or studio location of your choice. Studio locations may require an extra charge. Locations will vary depending on the content of the workshop and can be confirmed at the time of booking.


2 hour workshop from £80

Full day workshop covering the use of flash modifiers with an in depth look into multi light portraiture. All equipment supplied from £250

Educational discount of 25% applies for students.

*A remote transmitter and receiver is ideal. Most speedlights can be triggered by your built in flash, or with a hot shoe extension chord. Speedlights may be available for use in your session if required. Please ask.

**Studio strobes and speedlights fit Nikon, Canon and some other DSLR’s. Sony users will not be able to use studio equipment.