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North West pack shot and product photography prices.

Show off your products with high quality images for less than you think.

With a combination of ‘ghost’ mannequin and detailed close up shots we deliver the perfect preview images for your products and optimize them for web or print use as required.

For businesses in the  North West a mobile studio unit can be brought to you so no time or money is wasted sending products back and forth.


Small items up to 30cm – 50+ Items

  • 1 wide and 1 detail shot – £4 per item
  • 2 wide and 1 detail shots – £5 per item
  • 3 wide and 2 detail shots- £6 per item


Small items up to 30cm – Less than 50 items

  • 1 wide and 1 detail shot – £6.50 per item
  • 2 wide and 1 detail shots – £7.50 per item
  • 3 wide and 2 detail shots – £8.50 per item


Clothing on ghosted mannequin – 50+ items

  • 1 front and 1 detail shot – £5 per item
  • 1 front, 1 back and 1 detail shot – £6 per item
  • 1 front, 1 side, 1 back and 2 detail shots – £7.50


Clothing on ghosted mannequin – less than 50 items

  • 1 front and 1 detail shot – £6 per item
  • 1 front, 1 back and 1 detail shot – £8 per item
  • 1 front, 1 side, 1 back and 2 detail shots – £9


Images supplied on a pure white background for maximum impact and compatibility online. Clipping masks and PNG images on transparent backgrounds are available on request.

Images are supplied via secure web gallery with protected downloads or via disc depending on your preference.

Packages and prices are examples only. If you have specific requirements get in touch for a chat.


My 2015 in pictures. What I love shooting and why.

Last year I took 55,503 photos.

That’s an average of 152 photos per day or just over 7 photos per hour, which makes me only slightly less trigger happy than the average teenage girl. Considering that much of a photographer’s time is spent prepping, editing and delivering images I can say in all honesty, it’s been a busy year.

As I look back through my 2015 catalog there are some images that jump out at me immediately. Some for their pure form and impact, others because of how they take me right back to the moment they were captured.

This year JonHallPhoto has taken a distinct change in direction and I’ve moved away from weddings and more towards commercial images and video production. It’s a move I’m enjoying and leaves me looking forward to the year ahead.

So in no particular order here are a few of my favourite images and memories from the last year.


JonHallPHoto 2015-7
Andy and Annika – Liverpool Skyline

I love this shot of Andy and Annika at the end of the night. It’s just such a genuine moment. Shot from afar to give them as much privacy as possible, they didn’t disappoint.



JonHallPHoto 2015-18The first of two favourites from the incredible Sophia Carmen. A dancer from the Hammond School. As an ex dancer myself I’m amazed by the strength on show here.

JonHallPHoto 2015-13

A more personal shot here as this is my little nephew Sam. This wasn’t a photo shoot but a family get together and those piercing eyes just found the lens.

JonHallPHoto 2015-12This is the moment a party of Groomsmen decided to attempt their version of The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’album cover. Unfortunately one groomsman just couldn’t march in time. As it turns out that one groomsmen just happens to be the only soldier in the group.

JonHallPHoto 2015-8Here’s a wedding party that knows how to have fun. I became tired with seeing guests queuing up for cramped, automated photo booths to be rewarded with low quality snaps they could have taken themselves. This is how a photo booth should be done. This was a fun night.

JonHallPHoto 2015-16The Little Black Dress shoot – iConquered. The brief was to show the clients of a personal trainer getting ‘Little Black Dress’ ready and these were empowered women at work, in one image. I think we nailed it.

JonHallPHoto 2015-11Another gorgeous image from Sophia, this time with partner Liam. The pure dance shapes they were producing were amazing but lacked an emotional element. After a little direction they pulled out this gem. I think it’s just wonderful.

JonHallPHoto 2015-15Ok so the image may not be all that special but it represents my move into commercial product photography. These ‘ghost’ images look simple but the difference it can make to a professional website is profound. And these are just the still versions…

JonHallPHoto 2015-10This family beach shoot produced a whole series of great images but I love this shot as the boy leads his little sister through the sand.

JonHallPHoto 2015-5I love this shot for the magic of lighting. This was a pretty dull day, windy and a little cold but with a little thought and strategic speedlight placement this sunny summer day was born. Nice.



Ghost Mannequin product photography

For commercial clothing sales there is no cleaner look than the ghost mannequin.

Ideally you want to show the clothes as they look when worn but organising a model photo shoot for every set of products is not within everyone’s budget.

Ghosted images are the perfect way to display clothing online and will look great on the pages of any website or catalog. Much better than flat product shots these realistically posed garments can be supplied on a block white or coloured background or supplied as cut outs to be composed as needed.

Get in touch and organise a sampler shoot to see how JonHallPhoto can transform your web images.