Wedding consultations – what to expect

Your first step towards choosing me as your photographer it to book a free consultation. This is when we get the opportunity to meet, discuss options for your wedding and you can view full previous wedding albums as well as ask any questions you may have.

Shooting a wedding is a huge responsibility and many couples I meet do not realise what a pivotal role the photographer can play during their day. Do you need someone who will unobtrusively catch those precious moments, or someone who can organise your guests and help plan your day. This area is overlooked by many who opt for ‘budget’ photographers based on price alone

As an experienced wedding photographer I am able to offer advice on planning your day and how to get the best possible images without it feeling like one long photo shoot.

During your consultation you should expect to cover the following topics:

  • Coverage on the day, start and finish times and addresses of venues
  • Preferred photography and editing styles
  • Pre wedding photo shoot options
  • Photography rules and restrictions imposed by venues
  • Group, key and preferred shots and locations
  • Choices of digital and print packages
  • Recommendations for bridal services, make up and hair

Preparation tips for your consultation:

  • Look through the portfolios on this site and note any favourite shots or styles
  • Have the address of your venues, and timings for your day available
  • Ask your venue if there are any specific rules regarding photography
  • Think about what group and key shots you require.
  • Do you want print copies and an album of photos, or are you going to be mostly sharing them online? Do you want to be able to re-print in years to come?

For information on other aspects of your day such as general running, timings and preparation, consider joining a wedding planning website such as weddingchaos for tips from brides and brides to be.

Photo manipulation – toy town project

Known as tilt shift, this effect traditionally relies on specialised lenses to produce the toy town effect you see here. Now these amazing results are available to us through the use of editing tools such as Adobe’s photoshop software. Click here for details of photo editing and manipulation courses.

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Book your free consultation

Committing to a photographer for your wedding is an important decision. It’s important that you meet with your potential photographer to discuss your needs regarding what is for many, the most important day of your life. Why not get in touch now to arrange an informal chat to discuss your needs for the day and view full albums and print samples from Jon Hall. This can take place at your home or a place of your choice with no hard sell and no obligation.

Unsure about what a wedding consultation involves. Read the guide before you book to get the most from our meeting.

You can find package details here.

Book your free wedding consultation or ask any questions you have here.