Submit your night walk images

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed your night photography walk with jonhallphoto.

If you would like one of your images displayed on please email your file to stating your name and the date of the walk you attended, and whether your image is to be edited or not. If your file is too large to send, try using a free file sharing service such as dropbox.

Images can be submitted in Jpeg or RAW format and should be renamed with your name. For example ‘JonHall.jpg’ or ‘JoeBloggs.NEF’

You may submit edited images to the gallery, or send an unmodified file to be edited by jonhallphoto. Images will be featured on the website and blog and made available to buy as a high quality print direct from the site. Your image will be credited with your name. If you would like to include a link to a blog or facebook page, include this in your email.

Archival quality gallery canvas prints are available on request.

When your photo is uploaded, you will receive a unique code to save 25% off your first order. Any further sales from your images will earn you 25% of their value towards further purchases from This can be used for any image on the site, or against tutorial sessions and photo shoots.

By sending your images, you agree to the images being edited/modified from their original state. Buying prints of your images from offers the highest possible quality direct from our partner print lab using digital offset or dye printing and archival quality papers.

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