The Purple Wedding: Kevan and Jenni geek out on their big day.

No, not THAT purple wedding. This one is an altogether lighter affair don’t worry.

When I met Kev and Jen they had seen my work and were interested in my more unusual work, they wanted someone who could really tell their story and capture all the many details they had planned for the biggest day of their lives.

I knew straight away it would be a good one after hearing tales of homemade dresses to follow the super-purple theme, bespoke table centres, custom card boxes and samurai swords. It turned out I had underestimated the level of geek chic we were talking about…

The wedding was held at Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth and I arrived to find Jenni putting the finishing touches to her dress as the girls readied themselves around her. Jen was keen to show off her shoes, a pair of Julian Hakes heels that defy logic and look fantastic. I get the feeling that when started planning the wedding these were top of the list.

Downstairs in the venue, Kev was busy organising the table centres that represented the various loves and hobbies. I particularly like the Lego Stargate, tiny Tardis and the amazing card box made to look like a fantasy potion kit. Bonus points if you can name every space ship!

Final preparations were made, guests were rounded up and the wedding went without a hitch. Jen looked stunning in flowing purple and you can see it in Kev’s look. I love capturing that first moment when a groom sees the bride, that’s happy right there. After a lovely ceremony we took advantage of the good light and organised a group photo outside. For me this means dangling precariously from a window whilst my second photographer captured one of my favourite shots of the day. The confetti shot from the ground would only be possible when using a second shooter as the group is looking up at me, not at him. Great shot Chris, what a result.

As guests filed inside to enjoy a snack we took the couple to get some candid and posed key shots. I like to make sure the couple get a break from the camera and use longer lenses whilst they spend a few minutes just enjoying the day. Inside we used multiple lights to show off the dress once again (and don’t forget the shoes) as the wedding breakfast was prepared.

Friends and family were met with chocolate Lego, a sweet bar, an amazing cake including three pet cats and the one of the best wedding favours I’ve seen, keyring bottle openers presented in a style that reminds me of Bioshock which let’s face it, is cool.

So, what could finish up this evening? A ceilidh band that’s what. This was inspired and made the dance a real event. Instead of the usual pop songs and golden oldies this group whipped up a storm and kept everyone on their feet and laughing. It was here I snapped another of my favourites. I know that’s the bride getting ready to cut the cake in the silhouette shot but it has a Tarantino feel that tells it’s own story.

Later I took the couple outside to capture some stunning shots with the venue lit up at night. Admittedly those stars don’t really belong there but a little artistic license is allowed I think.

Kev and Jen are a perfect couple and I loved spending the day with them. If you’ve been inspired by their geek chic check out their custom invitations and just wait till you see what I did with their wedding album.

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