From weddings in Ibiza to the mountains of Tuscany.

1:47 am. Leaving for the airport in 43 minutes. Do I have everything.



I’ve been preparing for this trip for a while. I’ve been booked to shoot a wedding over three days in Ibiza since last year. The couple have a history there and though they’re both from the UK, family and friends are traveling to join them for what promises to be a beautiful event.

Photographing destination weddings should be easy. Just take everything you normally need and treat it like any other. Except it’s not like any other. I never have to worry about the size or weight of my kit in the UK. Why not throw another tripod, stand or modifier in the car? Why not carry 20 extra batteries?

My wedding kit can be pared down to an efficient minimum. 2 cameras, 4 lenses, two flashes, one stand, one reflector, one umbrella. It’s easy to fit that on a plane without too much worry but recently I landed a rather unexpected job with a rather limited time frame.

A cycling tour company based in Italy wants me to produce a series of videos and stills for their website. Did I mention it’s in a gorgeous house in the mountains of rural Tuscany? Not a difficult decision so now I’m flying from Ibiza to Pisa to meet up with the company before traveling up through Italy to shoot for a week.

This is where it gets tricky, video is a whole other ball game. Now I need a fluid tripod, a complete Gopro kit (Thank you Snow and Rock Wirral) stabilizer and video lights and enough backup that I have at least one copy of everything I take in each bag I have. Now the weight is starting to add up so after packing, weighing and repacking too many times I’m ready to get on a plane.

Here’s where the inevitable panic sets in. You know the old mantra of ‘passport, wallet, keys’ that resounds like a religious chant before you finally close the door and commit to your journey knowing that anything you’ve missed stays behind?

Image the list in my head right now.

And now, at T minus 29 minutes I have to stop the OCD like behavior, take a breath and remember how much I love my job. Taking photographs for a living is a dream come true. Seeing the world in the process makes it just that bit sweeter. All the charging and packing and prepping is a small price to pay to be able to broaden your horizons, meet new people and experience other cultures.

I shall leave it there for now. I hope to be able to access the site on the move so look out for more adventures and images. Remember to follow the site for updates or find me on facebook or twitter `@jonhallphoto

So with that… Goodbye, Adiós and Arrivederci!

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