A fine day for a photo walk – Sun and skateboards in Liverpool

Following the success of the winter night walks I couldn’t wait to get back out onto the streets of Liverpool with a brand new group of eager photographers for our summer photo workshops.Perfect weather for high-speed photography

Perfect weather for high speed photography

The workshop is intended as an introduction to photography for those who have just bought a DSLR camera but more and more I see people who have owned their camera for years but always shoot in Auto  mode. Perhaps that’s the problem with modern DSLR cameras, they can make almost any situation pretty good. Pretty good but often a bit.. lacking.

Letting the camera make all the decisions means predictable, safe images but it doesn’t take much to turn those snaps into something special. Sometimes that means using exposure compensation when shooting outdoors into the sun. Sometimes it means using your ISO to maintain a high shutter speed to capture action.

This week, a group of local skaters provided the perfect subjects as the group tested their new skills capturing fast moving action against the sun. Using a combination of higher ISO’s, large apertures and continuous focus we were able to keep our subjects in sharp focus and avoid the blurry silhouettes that auto settings might produce.

The group produced some great shots and I hope to be able to share them soon but for now, here’s a few that I managed to snap between talking and quickly learning how to operate a Samsung micro 4/3 camera.

If you’d like to join us on a Liverpool docks photo walk you can grab a voucher here for just £29 until the 29th of July.


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