Client feature – Gary Wells’ beautiful liverpool cityscapes

This winter’s night photography walks were interesting to say the least.

Storms, floods and horizontal winds did their best to get in the way but many intrepid photographers either braved the weather or waited for a rare window in the conditions to join me on a night photography walk along Liverpool docks.

Most clients I see are taking their first steps into night photography and I always ask them to send me their favourite shots. You can see a gallery of images from previous clients here.

The evening Gary joined me it was dry but very windy, not ideal for long exposure photography. A few weeks later I received an email saying he had returned on a calmer day. The attached images were so impressive I wanted to share some of them here. It’s clear that Gary knows how to take a great picture and I’m thrilled I was able to help him create images like these.

I love the sense of movement that Gary has captured by using long exposures. The traffic light shot is beautifully timed to show the path of the car as well as red, amber and green lights.

The mirror like surface of the water has made some beautiful reflections and his eye for a ‘lead in’ to the photo makes it hard to pick a favourite.

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