Home made wedding invitations – How to do it right.

Wedding stationary follows a theme. It’s nice I’m sure but it’s all largely the same. It’s a white postcard with flowers, hearts, bells and possibly an old photo from when the couple first got together.

Very nice.

And then there’s Kev and Jenni, two self proclaimed ‘sci-fi geeks’ whose wedding I’m fortunate enough to be capturing this year.
Chatting to them in our consultation I knew it would be quite an event. From the cadbury’s purple dress to the spacecraft table centre pieces this is truly a wedding to represent the lives and personalities of the couple.

On that theme I was thrilled to receive this invitation to the big day. Kev and Jenni slaved away to design, print and assemble every one of these individually at home.

Upon opening this gem I faced a personalised seal in the chosen colour of the day. Once broken this fold out masterpiece is full of little details about the couple. Winding text takes us from graduation point, past the sea of separation (around which their stories briefly split) and into the kitty archipelago, each illustrated with it’s own picture.

Telling the story of their relationship so far, these are more than just invitations. They are just the first pages of what I’m sure will be a long, interesting and impressively documented life together.

It’s a lovely thing, and beautifully made. It’s great to see a couple doing it their own way rather than sticking to ‘traditions’. I believe that a wedding should be everything that YOU want. And that’s all.

On another note, it is wonderful to be considered a guest when shooting a wedding. It’s rare that I receive a formal invitation to a wedding I’m working, I’ve only spent a short time with Kev and Jen and they already feel like friends. It’s so important that a couple are comfortable with their photographer and I know we’re going to get lovely natural images for them to cherish.

Here’s the story that winds around the invitation, shared with the kind permission of Kev and Jenni:

Kev and Jenni met for the first time at uni, they got on really well, laughed lots and watched TV until the early hours. They appeared on every hall photo that year, the only time Kev was willingly photographed.

After graduation Kev stayed in Leicester and developed his geek skills – online gaming, quiz creation, website design and spreadsheets. He  also discovered the greatest chinese take away dish ever served and even managed to pass his driving test. Jenni moved back to Liverpool and refined her scouting skills – camping, knot tying, navigation and ale drinking. Jenni found Kev’s website and sent him a message. Much chatting and a few visits later they agreed to try this courting malarky. When Jenni moved to Leicester they found they had complementary hobbies, Jenni Knits and Kev plays with an Xbox.  They were adopted by a pair of cats so Marmite and Dotty joined their family. They battled a vengeful water sprite who attacked everything from the dishwasher and water pipes to Kev’s right kidney.

They discovered they both possessed a passion for avoiding gardening. After four years together they decided to make the ultimate commitment and agreed to donate their duplicate books to charity. Oh, and they bought a little house in ________ near where they first met and they adopted another cat, Charlie.  Jennie dropped the tactful hint that if Kev wanted to propose she had already chosen an engagement ring. Kev sneakily got the ring and planned his romantic Venice gondola proposal, which would have one better had Kev not been scared of falling in the water.

Jenni said yes.

Thank you Kev and Jenni for allowing me to share this unique piece of work. I can’t wait to share your big day!

If you have an invitation idea you want to share don’t be shy. Leave a comment.

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