Kayleigh and Christian – A Shrigley Hall wedding

If ever you’re looking a grand venue, Shrigley Hall will fit the bill. The lovely room and grounds created a beautiful backdrop to Kayleigh and Christians day. I knew when I first met them that it would be quite a day but I didn’t know just how great a venue this would be.
Whilst Christian oversaw proceedings downstairs, I met the girls in their room during hair and make up and watched the unwrapping of gifts with a glass or two of bubbly.
Downstairs the Ice sculptures were arriving, I’ve never seen this before but each solid block of ice contained a single flower. These blocks were delivered white and frosted but slowly revealed a beautiful glass like finish throughout the day.

After a lovely ceremony we moved outside to the central courtyard for drinks and group photos before I took the couple off for some key shots in the grounds and a little alone time. There are few moments in the day that the couple get to be together and uninterrupted so once we’ve discussed ideas I prefer to give the couple some distance and use longer lenses to get those intimate shots without any pressure.

As the evening progressed we moved inside dance the night away in in the domed reception room. With a live band and plenty of dancing it was certainly one to remember.

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