Candid family fun photo shoot

When I first met Beth she knew exactly what she wanted, or rather exactly what she didn’t want…  posed photos.

The idea was a big family shoot in a candid style, the plan being to capture a natural look even if we are actually posing for them. I like a shoot to be as natural and comfortable as possible for everyone involved so we started in the studio to break the ice followed by a walk around some picturesque local spots.

A shoot like this is great for satisfying the needs of the whole family. Often the older generations will want a more formal studio shot whilst the younger ones prefer a more ‘social media’ style, (albeit of a much higher quality than the usual instagram).

I love the shots of just the couple together, they look great together and it’s a privilege to be able to create these lasting memories for them both.

Overall it was a great shoot and the images looked fantastic in print. Here’s what Beth had to say about it:

“Jon made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process, from meeting to discuss ideas to the actual day of the shoot. I cannot praise Jon enough for his work, on the day he made everybody feel very comfortable and relaxed (even those who are rather camera shy and dread having their photograph taken) and the end product was better than I could have ever imagined. We will most certainly be using Jon in future and would recommend anybody else to do so.”

Family photo shoots like this start from as little as £75 and are available as gift vouchers for the perfect present.

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