Flash photography workshop now booking – June 2nd.

Learn the secrets of studio flash photography with a workshop from JonHallphoto.

Get to grips with your on camera flash and off camera remotes in this practical 5 hour workshop. You’ll use a variety of equipment and techniques and learn how to control the lighting of your images. Learn how to flatter with your light for portraiture or create edgy, dark images as well as freezing action and special flash effects.

The workshop is split into three main sections.

Camera and setup

  • Get to know the shooting modes offered by your camera
  • Understanding shutter speed, aperture and ISO with flash
  • Sync speeds, triggering methods and flash types
  • Backdrops and Modifiers
  • Flash modes explained. Front, rear, TTL and curtain flash.

Introduction to flash

  • Fill flash on and off camera
  • Bounce flash using mounted, wired and remote flash units
  • TTL vs Manual flash
  • Single light setups for portraiture, using your modifiers

Advanced flash technique

  • Multiple light setups for portraiture and groups
  • Matching ambient and flash temperature
  • Creative use of gels
  • Multi flash and special effects

Unlike other workshops you will be provided with your own dedicated studio setup for the day comprising of backdrop, lighting stand, brolly and reflector set. A flash and radio trigger is provided so all you need to bring is your camera. You are welcome to bring your own equipment to use but this is an ideal opportunity to get to grips with remote lighting before committing to buy a lot of expensive flash gear.

Another option is to bring in your own model. For the last section of the day you are welcome to invite a friend or family member to pose for you. Combine your learning with a fun photo shoot for you too keep, all with the helpful guidance of two professional photographers.

Workshops start in late May and are run on Sundays from 12:00 till 5pm.

Sessions cost £250 per person (maximum 8)

To book a place or register your interest use the contact form or phone 07886 326 623.

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