Blue dress beauty shoot – Ceri hits the catwalk

This weeks update features some images from my day with Ceri as she stepped into the studio for a fashion inspired shoot in blue.

After arriving in the studio and chatting about styling, we picked out a couple of pieces, namely a Pyrus Epice maxi dress and a beautiful dipped 2nd Day gown. Whilst Ceri sat with Charlotte of Beautiki makeup I got busy setting up.

I knew I wanted a completely dark background for my shots. Fortunately the studio is large enough to allow a lot of distance between my model and my backdrop. This means with the right lighting, my flash will drop off dramatically and not reach my backdrop at all. For most of these shots I’m using two soft boxes in a clamshell configuration, one above and one below Ceri. In addition, two strong side lights give great depth to the images and really show off the fabric of the dresses.

As always, Charlotte produced a flawless make up look and we shot a variety of poses. I hesitate to use the word ‘poses’ as that’s not how it works. It’s never “stand like this” then “change to this.” When shooting there is a constant communication between photographer and model and we fire ideas back and forth about the shots. Some of my favourites from the day were candid, unprepared shots where we just captured a great image without it being or looking contrived.

Here’s just a few from the shoot. My particular favourites being the movement shots, I love how the light has frozen Ceri’s hair and dress with just enough fall off or her to fade into the background. Also it’s great how relaxed she looks amidst all that motion.

I should point out that Ceri is not a professional model but I think she looks great in this fashion inspired shoot, perfect for starting a portfolio.

For details of fashion and portrait shoots check the links at the top of the page or for more portfolio images head over to

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