Single use cameras for weddings? – The future is Capsule

Weddings really are amazing events. I’ve been thinking recently about all the spectacular sights I saw in 2012 and just how much effort from so many people go into just one day. A day filled with unique details and choices, a day where friends and family will travel halfway around the world to be together. Memories are made and shared and it’s my job the capture the day, the story of the bride and groom.

capsuleIn the past it was the sole responsibility of the official photographer to provide every image, to choose where to be and who to follow, essentially deciding which moments you will remember for years to come. Of course now everyone has a camera. When a best man used to look around during his speech he saw faces of tears and laughter, now it’s often a sea of iPhones. Not that that’s a bad thing, we live in a digital age of instant media, brides who have a minute can check on their wedding in real time on facebook and twitter and the photographer is very rarely the first to share provide the couple with pictures. Everyone is excited to see the bride and the venue, the food and the first dance. It’s great to share but the couple now has a lot less control over who sees what and when.

Naturally a bride and groom want as may pictures as possible from their day, I’m all for this. I’ve met wedding photographers who don’t like guests to have cameras, wanting theirs to be the best and only images of the day. Personally I don’t mind, I’m happy when the bride and groom are happy and the more memories they have the better.

The problem is that so much effort has gone into the planning and the couple obviously want control of which pictures are out there. No bride wants an unflattering photo on facebook to be the first one seen and gathering photos from your guests can be a difficult task. With so many guests people away, how can you get all the pictures?

Capsule InfoMost will turn to the single use camera. The same ones you took on holiday as a child. Pre-loaded with a roll of film which must be processed and printed before seeing and sharing them. For weddings these only cost a few pounds each, but you’ll need quite a few, each roll must be developed or scanned and there’s no guarantee of what you’ll end up with. What we need is a way to get all the images from the day in one place from everybody’s camera, today’s phones can take a great picture in the right conditions and every guest has one.

So I started searching for solutions and came across Capsule. They are a new company with fantastic idea.

Collect every photo your guests take in real time direct to a private gallery where you can download them all. Genius.

I don’t know why someone hasn’t thought of this before. It works like this

  • Sign up for Capsule using code ‘JONHALLPHOTO’ to save 15%
  • Download the free Capsule app for iPhone or Andriod
  • Invite your guests to join and download the app

Every photo that is taken using the app is uploaded automatically to your Capsule, photos taken with any other camera can be uploaded via the web. Just ask your guests to use Capsule instead of their camera app for your wedding. Use it before the day to share details and ideas. Members can send direct messages, ask questions, post to the wall or snap a quick photo of the perfect shoes and share it only with those in the know. Think of it like a combined facebook and twitter but just for planning and capturing your wedding. See the whole day through the eyes of each of your guests and share it in real time with those who can’t make it. Anyone you have invited to your capsule can see a constant stream of photos and updates as they are snapped and uploaded.

capsule JONHALLPHOTOI invested in my own Capsule to give it a try and I’m impressed. Overall the app does exactly what it says, my iphone camera functions as normal through the app and images turn up straight away in a live feed within my Capsule. This is the future of collecting images from guests. It’s slick, easy and instant and once you have your images you can download everything to your computer or order prints direct from the site. No more waiting for emails from friends or for film to be developed. Now you can have every image from your wedding as it’s happening, enjoy them instantly and keep them forever.

Currently a capsule for 75 guests costs $99 US (about £60), about the cost of buying and developing 8 single use cameras. A single account lets you create unlimited capsules for any event. Create new capsules for the hen night and stag do if you’re brave, or for your honeymoon to share your snaps with your guests and not with the world.

Use the code ‘JONHALLPHOTO’ to save 15% of any capsule purchase. I recommend Capsule to all my wedding clients as part of their photography package.

Click here to check out their site and see what Capsule is all about.

Capsule Info

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