2013 Graphistudio books now at jonhallphoto

Main, parent and guest books

As a wedding photographer I want to make sure my wedding albums are of the finest quality available. Anyone in the business will tell you that that means Graphistudio. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for my new studio sample books to land on my doorstep and the day has arrived.

What follows is a rundown of the unboxing of my new portfolio with accompanying shots to show the fine work and attention to detail that goes into each and every album. My portfolio collection includes a 40x30cm Main book, 30x20cm parent book and a set of 13x10cm guest books.


Gold embossed text and die cut insert

To start, and to my surprise my books arrived less than 24 hours after I received an email from Graphistudio in Italy confirming postage and it’s clear to see no expense is spared making sure it arrives safely. The box itself is huge, securely wrapped in branded Graphi tape, a nice touch. Inside this is what can only be described as a bubble-wrap sleeping bag and inside this is a selection of boxes I couldn’t wait to open. Every Graphi album feels a little like Christmas, such is the excitement of seeing my images and designs come to life. Each book has it’s own plain white presentation box as standard. Alternatively they can be shipped with art boxes or sleeves matching your choice of cover material.

The main album

Main album with nappa cover

My book is a 40x30cm landscape album with 48 rigid metallic pages. The rigid pages are a lovely touch on the main book and give a real weighty, traditional feel to each turn of the page. Some album makers use weak foam board between pages which is light and snaps easily. Graphi use thick white card stock that looks and feels strong. The metallic finish is a premium option that really jumps off the page, giving amazing range and depth to images to show them at their best. The cover material is die cut black nappa leather. ‘Die cut’ refers to the triangular acrylic section which houses a key shot of two rings on the cover. The leather is thick and soft and very neat at the edges. The workmanship is second to none and I cannot find fault with the build anywhere. One particular highlight is the continuous binding. This method of fixing the pages allows the book to lie flat on any page with no stress on the spine. This is vital for a book with thick pages or any two page spreads with a single image, it’s no good designing a key shot page only to have the couple’s faces squashed together in the centre when it goes to print.

The Parent book

Parent book with textured paper

Each smaller book is an exact copy of the main album, in a different size and finish. These affordable books can be ordered at the same time or after your main book and are great for family and friends who want to share your memories of the day. My parent album is a 30x20cm book with textured paper and a dust jacket cover. The dust jacket, though not as impressive as the leather is well made and finely printed with the same image as the main book. A dust jacket or hard cover is included as standard in the cost of any book. Inside, the thick pages are not rigid but still feel weighty and the textured paper gives a semi-matte finish. I find that textured paper can dull colours compared to metallics but I’m really impressed with the colour accuracy across my books. There are clear differences between the finishes available but each has it’s own appeal.

The Guest book

Guest book with smooth photographic paper

Finally comes the guest books, these smaller 13x10cm books are so portable they’re great for showing off your photos any time. Whilst you might think these pocket sized books are lesser versions of their big brothers they are made with the same care any attention as the larger offerings. The images are vibrant and clear on the glossy photographic paper which is considerably thinner and suits the overall size. Continuous binding is used again so despite its smaller profile each full spread is viewed as a flat 26x10zm panoramic.

I always have very high expectations from Graphi, but it seems this year they’ve stepped it up again. The books are a joy to behold and I’m proud to be able to show my images in the highest quality available.

Simply put, everyone I’ve ever shown a Graphibook to has wanted one. If you would like to see them for yourself you’ll find them on display in my studio, or you can get in touch to arrange a consultation. They really do have to be seen to be believed.

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