Glossy studio beauty shoot for Sophia

Sophia is a dancer. Dancers make great models.

One of these statements is a fact, the other may just be my opinion. You can judge for yourself.

I studied ballroom dancing in my youth and I love shooting dancers, they are aware of what their whole body is doing and are able to copy poses perfectly if I’m looking for something very specific. This was Sophia’s first time in the studio and in front of the camera but you couldn’t tell.

In preparation for our dance portfolio shoot we spent the morning trying some poses and getting used to the process of setting up and shooting for specific styles with some beauty shots. After a slightly nervous start we soon had the stereo turned up and were snapping away with Sophie hitting some really creative poses.

We shot using a selection of backgrounds using two 70×50 softboxes and a large reflector, putting the new studio runway to good use and allowing us to really control the light spill onto the background. With such a large studio space it’s now easy to create deep black background shots while keeping depth in the images.

I’d say with these edits I’m at my retouching limit. I’ve pushed the glossy ‘perfect’ look further than I normally would to create a glossy image that looks great in print. This is just one style of shoot and edit available. Many styles can be accommodated so call or pop in for a chat about what jonhallphoto @ Nancie Henry can do for you.

Look out for Sophia in the future.

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