Fountains Abbey – Charlotte and Mike

All in the details

If you are looking for that perfect fairy tale wedding venue why not follow in the footsteps of the delightful Charlotte and mike, and choose Fountains Abbey in Bishops Thornton, Yorkshire. This world heritage site provides a stunning backdrop with the abbey itself featuring huge stonework arches, intimate niches and a truly romantic setting on your wedding day.

For the couple the weather could not have been better. For a photographer bright direct sunlight is the bane of weddings, requiring careful use of fill light and positioning to capture enough detail in the shot. We would much rather an overcast day to provide maximum control with external lighting, but that’s just not as nice on the day is it?

The guests arrive

Mike and Charlotte are a stunning couple and were very relaxed in front of the camera. The ceremony looked great filled with vibrant colours (and characters), the grand and oversized features of the room giving a really high class feel. Following the ceremony guests moved out from the main house and into the garden for a party with Pimms! I took the opportunity to capture the group shot. With the stunning house in the background and the sun shining down it’s a strong image and a favourite of mine.

All the guests were really photo friendly, by which I don’t mean just good looking. Not everyone wants to have their picture taken, and at most weddings there will be someone who you know will look great or is doing something really interesting, but will shy away from the camera. When everybody gets behind the idea that the photos are for the bride and groom, and that I’m there to make them look good the results are always better.

The girls

When everyone had said their congratulations we embarked on a short walk to the Abbey. This incredible National Trust

property provides some great opportunities. Charlotte and Mike look great on camera and finding interesting backdrops was easy. Once or twice we had to wait for members of the public to notice they were in shot but thankfully, people will do anything for a bride on her wedding day and I often find I can clear huge public areas with a few polite words.

The shoot was a mix of reportage and studio techniques. My favourite key shot featuring the couple inside the arched chamber required an off camera speedlight and modifier to highlight them in this amazing space.

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