Retro beauty shoot for Jean Rae

Making her first of hopefully many appearances on is Jean Rae, a stunning pin-up beauty based in Oxford who exudes retro style and sophistication. If you’re not sure what that means, think Hedy Lamarr or Ava Gardner for those of you who are a little older. Think Fallout 3 for those of you who are not.

I was excited to be working with her as it’s my first retro inspired shoot and I’m a huge fan of the era, (mostly the music) having grown up watching Fred and Ginger. Jean Rae already has a great portfolio working with excellent photographers such as Lesley Rigg and Justin Hoffman. I hope I’ve added something new.
We spent some time with a simple studio setup. Just plain backdrops and twin softboxes with Nikon SB speedlights to achieve these shots. With plenty of experience in front of the camera Jean-Rae made it easy to get some stunning shots, moving easily between one flattering pose and the next.

Watch out for Jean Rae if you’re a retro fan. You may just see her again.

You can find Jean Rae on facebook here to checkout more of her work or see these images in full quality on my portfolio site.

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