Sally’s beauty shoot.

A while ago, I got together with the beautiful Sally for a photo shoot. I shot and edited these initially and was pleased with the results. Recently I revisited the RAW files to see if I could improve them using new software  and a new approach.

During the shoot we tried a few different things including low depth of field shots focused on the eyes, full body vintage dress shots and fan-blown wild hair shots. My stand out favourites were the last that we took. We basically dipped Sally in water and let her hair do what it wanted. Sometimes a good idea just presents itself.

Sally is not a model, but looks stunning and worked with the camera really well. In fact, she is currently in Argentina teaching English. You can follow her brilliantly written and hilarious blog by Clicking Here

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For the editing process I imported the RAW files into Lightroom, adjusted basic levels and saturation until I was happy with the skin tones, then over to CS6.

I was happy to push the skin smoothing a little as I was looking for that glossy magazine look, I used a new inverted layer with a high pass filter and gaussian blur to give me my skin base, and a combination of masked curves layers to dodge and burn the shadows and highlights.  If this doesn’t mean anything to you right now don’t worry. For those who would like to know more about editing in this style, look out for a ‘behind the scenes’ posts coming soon.

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