Photographic tuition from jonhallphoto

With over ten years experience in teaching, I offer group or one to one tuition to take your shooting to the next level. Workshops can take the form of a casual walk out with your camera, a full day shoot in a studio or a session editing your images at home.

Workshops and one to one sessions start from £40 per hour. Discounts available for group or multiple bookings.

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  • Understanding your camera – Learn what all the buttons mean and how to set up your camera for various shooting conditions. This is an introductory session to get you out of auto mode and unlock the potential of your DSLR.Point and shoot – A walk about town, or beach, or woods… wherever you want to shoot, I will join you on your travels and help you along the way. On location you will learn to use the manual controls of your camera to get the best results. We will cover various focus modes, exposure compensation and metering options but of course any questions will be answered and you are in charge.
  • Flash photography – Today’s DSLRs are very clever, they know what to do to produce a well lit picture, but not always a flattering one, here you will learn how and when to use your flash, which modes do what, and how to balance flash with natural light for better pictures. We will also use a hotshoe mounted flash unit to learn bounce flash techniques, the secret to natural looking indoor photography in bad conditions.
  • Everyday Editing – Learn how to get the best from the images your taking now, using popular software we show you how to optimise an image for its intended use, using colour correction and sharpening tools we look at the editing differences between RAW and JPEG shooting and customise the setup options in camera to suit your preferred workflow.
  • Advanced editing – For those who want to make the switch to RAW…Learn how we transform a dull, lifeless image into a piece of art, how we edit in a look that is unachievable in camera, or how we make real people look like toys! There’s a whole world of photo manipulation out there and we’ll show you how to get started. This is a huge subject covering workflow, backups, tools and equipment, software choice and much more. If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch and we can discuss your needs.
  • Wedding Preparation – If you are going to take a DSLR to a wedding, but have no idea where to start I can help. From the kind of shots you’ll be looking for, to the gear you’ll need for a successful shoot I can show you how to prepare for the day, how best to deal with people and some of the different approaches to wedding photography to get the results you want. It can be a daunting task, so be prepared. Please note this course is intended for those looking to get better images as a casual shooter at a wedding, not to teach you to be a ‘Wedding photographer’. Professional wedding photography requires a lot of experience, practice and equipment. This is however, a great place to start.