Quick Cuts – Long to short video for Zerofour Hairdressing

It was mid afternoon when I got the phone call..

“Hey Jon-boy! you want to shoot a cool video for me?”

“Sure. When?”

“5 o’clock.”


This isn’t unusual for Nick from Zerofour Hairdressing. He’s one of those creative people for whom nothing can arrive too quickly. He wants cool new media that people will enjoy and then he wants to replace it with something newer and cooler. I’ve worked with Nick before creating all sorts from toy shop images to movie poster styled advertising.

With no preparation time I grabbed the video go-bag: Nikon D800, Canon 5D mkII and Gopro Hero 4 as well as a set of DE-300 lights that work great as low level continuous fill (although they do get hotter than the sun).

I’d been called because Nick was doing a fairly extreme long to short cut with great results. Rather than the usual 15 minute slog of chatter and repetition offered by hair videos I went for a snappy music driven edit.

As always I love to hear what you think so leave a comment and enjoy.

I love it when a plan comes together – Andy and Annika’s engagement shoot.

On a shoot, just occasionally everything falls exactly into place.

Andy and Annika’s engagement shoot was one of those times. Blue skies with wisps of cloud make for a fabulous backdrop as the couple splashed in the waves at Hoylake beach and enjoy the sun. A shoot like this is a great way to learn to relax in front off the camera but Andy and Annika were perfect and looked completely natural for the camera.

During a quick stop off in a farmers field Andy braved his hayfever to capture these beautiful moments in a field of pollinating flowers. Totally worth it.

Congratulations to them both and look out for the next post for their amazing Liverpool wedding featuring a shot from above, framed as a guest book for them to hang in their new home. Andy and Annika web-617


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