Helen and Gareth-20

Helen and Gareth at the Bolholt Country Park hotel

Helen and Gareth contacted me with a very clear brief. They wanted relaxed and candid shots without any of the ‘boring’ traditional shots they had seen on so many other sites.

I was only with the couple for a few hours so it was a real whistle-stop wedding tour that took in some of the bridal preparation, the ceremony and the start of the festivities that followed.

Colour was a big theme of the day and this comes through in the more than usually vibrant images. The kids in attendance were of particular importance and they did not disappoint. I always take time to introduce myself to the younger members of the wedding party rather than just being a hidden face behind a monster lens.

Note Helen’s bridal footwear, a pair of purple wellies that set the good time tone for the day right from the start. ‘Key shots’, or posed couple shots were not on the agenda for the day. I encouraged the couple to spend a few minutes together out of the limelight and managed to snap some lovely candid images of these intimate moments.

West Kirby Triathlon

Shooting Triathletes in West Kirby – A 48 hour D800 film

West Kirby is a quiet little beach town on the Wirral peninsula. Considering the vast beaches and epic marine lake it’s amazing that it hasn’t been home to a triathlon before.

On the 31st of August hundreds of competitors, friends, family and spectators descended on the lake to witness some extreme athletes put themselves through a combined course of swimming, and cycling before a run to the finish. Organised by Mersey Tri this looked like a huge turnout for a first event.

I had been invited by a personal trainer friend of mine to from Elite Fitness photograph the event with the intention of providing stills for his athletes. Upon arrival I knew I had a problem, more specifically the monster lens of an events photographer peeking out from behind a high-viz jacket. 


As good as my photos will be, if they already have it covered for the whole event I’m just overkill. So do I stay to watch strangers get wet, then disappear on bikes before retuning to disappear again on foot or do I turn around and go straight back to bed (considering that it’s now 7:15 on a Sunday morning)?

Or…  do I make the best of it, put down the rapid fire D700 and see if I can make a film with zero preparation, zero planning and only the kit I have for stills photography?

Never one to waste an opportunity I grabbed the D800 with the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 for a shallow depth of field, the 16-35 f4 for it’s super wide angle and a sturdy tripod and set to it.

An event like a triathlon poses certain challenges to a lone cameraman. Unable to film more than one angle at once I had to pick my shots pretty carefully on the fly. Fortunately there were three waves of athletes that provided some opportunity to move and reset the camera during the action and with the kind assistance of a driver from Checkpoint motor stores I was able to follow the cycling action whilst hanging out of the window of a VW Polo. This was a real test for the active VR of the 70-200 and obviously an area which requires practice.

The film is shot in 1080p at 30fps so full screen viewing is recommended. It was cut in Premiere Pro and graded with Adobe Speedgrade before titles were added in After Effects.

If you enjoy the video (or not) leave a comment, I’d love to hear what you think. If you have any questions about how this was made or you have an event coming up and want a film for yourself just get in touch.



West Kirby Triathlon West Kirby Triathlon West Kirby Triathlon West Kirby Triathlon West Kirby Triathlon West Kirby Triathlon Wirral triathlon

Ghost Mannequin product photography

For commercial clothing sales there is no cleaner look than the ghost mannequin.

Ideally you want to show the clothes as they look when worn but organising a model photo shoot for every set of products is not within everyone’s budget.

Ghosted images are the perfect way to display clothing online and will look great on the pages of any website or catalog. Much better than flat product shots these realistically posed garments can be supplied on a block white or coloured background or supplied as cut outs to be composed as needed.

Get in touch and organise a sampler shoot to see how JonHallPhoto can transform your web images.


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